Thursday, November 21, 2013

MamMam blues

As my daughter turned one I noticed a lot of changes in her. Till her first birthday she needed a bit of support to walk and took a few steps on her own. But the very next day after her birthday she started walking as if she had done it all her life. Her moods are different, she is more assertive about not wanting to eat something and most of all she gives me a lot more hugs... spontaneous ones at unexpected moments. She calls me 'MamMam' sometimes sweetly, sometimes sternly depending on whether she just wants a hug or her diaper changed. While I am loving this phase I am also scared. As a child grows up she absorbs so much of her surroundings. I always wonder if I am setting a good example.. I wonder if I could be a good mother... I wonder if a few years down the line she would turn around and accuse me of not being a good role model.
I hope I don't turn out to be overbearing or pushy. I consciously try not to impose my wishes on her but end up despairing that she isn't eating enough or sleeping enough. Will these small worries turn into big ones and will they make me want to control every move she makes? Oh I hope not.

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The Wanderer said...

Hey...long time no post... The little one's keeping you on your toes ? :)